Manage Products

Here are some definitions about the used columns:

    The Product Name
  • CAT
    The Category Name
  • SUP
    The Supplier's Name
  • PPU
    Price Per Unit
  • QPU
    Quantity Per Unit
  • UDO
    Units On currently Order
  • UIS
    Units In Stock
    Specified Discount
    If Special Price has been assigned.

How to use the Shopping Cart:

  1. You must enter at least one Supplier.
  2. You must enter at least one Category.
  3. Enter unlimited Products. Make sure not to leave SKU, Price, and Quantity Per Units empty. Those are required fields.
  4. The UIS field will display how many units are in stock. This value will be decreased automatically each time a purchase took place. In the event of zero units left, the product will be taken off of the shopping cart and its status will change to "discontinued". You can go back to the admin and change the units in stock amount to reflect your current stock.