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What's Poppin' wants to help you with your fundraiser! We offer an easy and effective fundraising campaign for your organization through the sale of fudge and popcorn. As we all know, popcorn is a well-loved snack food that appeals to all ages, and who can refuse creamy, homemade fudge? We know many organizations are tired of the same old fundraiser. It is now time to offer something new and exciting like our candied popcorn!

What's Poppin' will supply you with all the materials needed to run your successful fundraising campaign, and you will have no out-of-pocket expense. We want to offer you the most successful fundraising program possible.

Promote your name! With our custom labeling, you will be able to promote your organization profile in the community. When you deliver, either the fudge or popcorn product to your customers, they will see your name printed on the label! This advertising is an excellent opportunity for follow up campaigns.

You can design your fundraiser! You can set your own retail prices using an extensive product selection offered by What's Poppin'. We are here to help you come up with the products that will be popular, all year round. Most fundraisers are designed to be 50% / 50%.

Typical fundraisers are done through order sheets, where you have your customers prepay for their products. These order sheets will have your name printed on them, again, promoting your organization throughout the community. The other version is for your special events, where you simply buy our product and you sell it at your event. If you have another idea, by all means, let us know. We are here to help!

Keep in mind that running a fundraiser is like running a business. You need the ability to set your goals, get a committed sales team of volunteers and finding the product that no one can refuse. What's Poppin' will help with the product. The goal is for your fundraiser to make a profit, enough to pay for you goal that you set out to achieve. If you approach your fundraiser as a business, you will be in the frame-of-mind necessary for success. One important thing to remember, is to appreciate your sales force. Take time to thank each one and make them know that they are appreciated.

What's Poppin' has an extensive product line for you to choose from. Our popular popcorn flavors include caramel; caramel with real cheese popcorn (combination); chocolate and caramel; apple crisp, tuti-fruity (5 fruit flavors); champion green and gold (for Green Bay fans) and many more. We also can customize colors to match your organization's logo or school colors! Our popular flavors of fudge include caramel / cashew delight, butter pecan, cookies and crème, chocolate and peanut butter and so many more!

Give us a call to discuss your fundraising needs and concerns. We will be very happy to send you samples for you next meeting. I know you will be very happy you did. You will become a hero for suggesting a new and exciting fundraising idea!

Fundraising Product Guide

What's Poppin' has a large variety of products that can be used for your fundraiser. If what you are looking for is not listed, please contact us. We want to help. Samples are available per your request. Our typical fundraiser is done by order sheets, where you collect the money from your customer on their initial order. These sheets are customizable with your fundraiser name and you can pick the products you feel you can sell. We definitely can help you pick out the more popular items. The prices and products are as follows:

Candied Popcorn comes in ½ pound bags, made fresh for your order. Shelf life is approximately 4 months.* Suggested price is $5.00 a bag, however we will allow you to determine your retail price. Your cost is $2.50 a bag. Your price is reduced to $2.25 a bag if you sell over 200 bags.

Cheese Popcorn comes in 3/8 pound bags, made fresh for your order. Shelf life is approximately 2 months. Our cheese popcorn is light and fluffy, and made with real melted cheese, not "sprayed" or "powered" cheese like other companies use. The price is the same as our candied popcorn.

Fudge comes in ½ pound containers. Shelf life is approximately 4 months. Fudge does not go "bad", just dry. Suggested price is $8.00, however we will allow you to determine your retail price. Your cost is $4.00 per container. If you sell more than 200, your price will drop to $3.60

Again, we do have other ideas, but this is the most popular style of fundraising. Tell us your ideas of how we can help you design the most profitable fundraiser you have ever had!

Shipping is extra.

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